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A Beautiful Mind Can Create A Beautiful Life!

Role of A Beautiful Mind  What are the things that come first in our experience when we meet someone and start our first conversation! Definitely, their words or say their thoughts! If you seriously understand thoughts you might wonder what thoughts can create for us? So let's dig into the "Art of Becoming a Mindful Being" and know it from an artist's dogma. If you ever met a really captivating personality then it's somewhere directly related to the person's thought process! Our thoughts become our actions, and actions define us. Further, doing a specific kind of action repeatedly defines our nature and character. It directly implies that thoughts are making us and what we do makes our destiny. That's what is exactly called as "Law of attraction" also in some other fancy words. What we are today is a collection of our thoughts from the past and we can say that our today's thoughts are tomorrow's actions and our actions define what we are

Inspirational Quotes About Pain

 Inspirational Quotes About Pain and sufferings 

Here are a few beautiful inspirational lines on pain in our lives, which will motivate you to love your pains, embrace them and keep on learning from them throughout your life.

quotes about pain on a Image of a man's statue in pain
"It's the pain which, gives birth to a new life. And, it could be the pain only through which you can search the meaning of your life." _Mohini M Bajpai

quotes about pain on a Image of a buddha statue
"Pain is everywhere but if you know how to use it, then it leads to success, strength, freedom and truth!" _ Mohini M Bajpai

quote on a image night sky

"Take a big pain from your life and take it too seriously to turn it into gain. All other pains of your life will be taken care of by this big one." _Mohini M Bajpai


Pain quotes on a sky image
"Pain is inevitable in life! Sooner you start using it or later it will use you!" _Mohini M Bajpai


pain quote on an image of evening with a girl

"No one has ever been in this world who lived his whole life without experiencing the pain. The only difference is that few people makes misery out of it and few others train themselves in such a way that their pains start working for them rather working against them" _Mohini M Bajpai

Pain quotes on evening image

  "Pain is an opportunity to make yourself stronger" _Mohini M Bajpai

Pain quotes on a tree image

 "Everybody had pain; Few made it misery and a few made it gain! "_Mohini M Bajpai

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