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Easy DIY Rangoli Design - Diwali Especial

πŸͺ” Easy Diwali Rangoli Design Ideas πŸͺ” Hello Friends, Before we go down to look for an easy Diwali Rangoli Design idea, many best wishes to you my friend. Drizzling Colors Art wishes you health, wealth, prosperity, and success in life. May you become a wiser, more spirited, and joyful human being. All of this is just beyond a step ahead of where you are right now. The only point is to take the next step in the right direction. May Lord Ganesha bless you with wisdom and courage to follow your path .  "Yes, I said path , not the goal because if the path is followed with passion and joy, the goal will definitely be accomplished one day."  These festivals are not only an opportunity to revive yourself internally but also an opportunity to become more creative and brush up on your hidden talents and hobbies.  Easy Rangoli Design from Nature-given and Kitchen Items Let's try something very beautiful, and easy rangoli design, which is natural, and you even don't need to

Easy Drawing Ideas for Kids - Part II

   10+ Easy Drawing Ideas for Kids  

Part-II: Use of square, rectangle, circle, and line 

Children's cognitive development process is very crucial at an early age, and also they need some kind of interesting and entertaining activities to concentrate on. Art has the power to quench their thirst for creativity, and also it provides nourishment to their minds. It has surprisingly many health benefits(Health Benefits of Art & Creativity) that you might not be aware of.

So, if you are a parent, a teacher, or a stay-at-home mother doing homeschooling of your little ones, then this article might be quick support to you. It provides some of the easy drawing ideas for your little ones. The drawing ideas included here are:

  • Cake with candles
  • Circular Wall Clock
  • Lighting Candle
  • Square Wall Clock
  • Cock-Rooster
  • Ice-Cream
  • Lady Bug
  • Refrigerator
  • Robot
  • Table
  • Balloons

    Let's Get Started   


Kids should know how to draw basic shapes, such as circles ⭕, ellipse (πŸ•³,πŸ‰), lines(straight |, slanted /, and curvedπŸ“ˆ) rectanglesπŸŸ₯ , etc. All the drawings provided in this article have been made only by using lines (straight lines and slanted lines and curved lines in different positions), rectangles, squares, and circles(different sizes and forms of a circle)  from MS Paint.

Mode of Work 

  • Kids can draw either using MS Paint on the laptops or 
  • On paper using pencils, sketch pens, and crayons, etc. 

Material Required/Tools

  • Laptop/Desktop for online mode.
  • Pencil, eraser, crayon colors, sketches, and a scale for on-paper work.


  • Follow the step-wise approach depicted in the images, or
  • Go with the outermost biggest circles/lines first, followed by inner (circles and lines) details.
  • Fill in the colors to make them beautiful.

   1. Cake with Candles  

Cake with candles
Step-wise image of drawing a cake with candles 

   2. Circular Wall Clock  

Circular Wall Clock
Step-wise image of drawing a circular clock 

   3. Lighting Candle  

Image of a lighting candle
Step-wise image of drawing a candle 

   4. Square-shaped Wall Clock  

Easy wall clock drawing image
Step-wise image of drawing a square wall-clock 

   5. Cock/Rooster  

how to draw an easy rooster
Step-wise image of drawing a cock or rooster 

   6. Ice-Cream  

how to draw an easy ice-cream cone
Step-wise image of drawing an ice-cream

   7. Ladybug  

how to draw an easy ladybug
Step-wise image of drawing a ladybug 

   8.  Refrigerator  

how to draw an easy refrigerator
Step-wise image of drawing a circular clock 

   9. Robot  

image of a cute robot
Step-wise image of drawing a cute robot

   10. Table  

Image of a table
Step-wise image of drawing a table

   11. Pile of Balloons  

Image of a pile of balloons
Step-wise image of drawing a pile of balloons

Share your comments if you found the above easy drawings useful for your little ones. Also, share with others to benefit them.

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  1. Hope you found these drawing ideas easy and entertaining for your little stars. Let me know if you want some more creative and easy ideas on other topics as well. Your suggestions and choices are most welcomed in the comment box. πŸ‘

  2. Wow. A child can easily learn by following this.

    1. Thank you ! Use these step-wise drawing to help your little one learn drawing quickly. Also more ideas will be updated in this post soon.


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