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Easy DIY Rangoli Design - Diwali Especial

πŸͺ” Easy Diwali Rangoli Design Ideas πŸͺ” Hello Friends, Before we go down to look for an easy Diwali Rangoli Design idea, many best wishes to you my friend. Drizzling Colors Art wishes you health, wealth, prosperity, and success in life. May you become a wiser, more spirited, and joyful human being. All of this is just beyond a step ahead of where you are right now. The only point is to take the next step in the right direction. May Lord Ganesha bless you with wisdom and courage to follow your path .  "Yes, I said path , not the goal because if the path is followed with passion and joy, the goal will definitely be accomplished one day."  These festivals are not only an opportunity to revive yourself internally but also an opportunity to become more creative and brush up on your hidden talents and hobbies.  Easy Rangoli Design from Nature-given and Kitchen Items Let's try something very beautiful, and easy rangoli design, which is natural, and you even don't need to

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A journey towards colorful dream by Mohini M Bajpai

About www.DrizzlingColorsArt.Com and Mohini M Bajpai

This website is a showcase of Mohini's artwork, imagination and her notions. It's a platform where she likes to share her ideas and perceptions about art, creativity, and life of her own world. Art means a lot more than what we understand, and it can do wonders for us if we could understand its significance and nexus. Her blog posts on this blog focus on art, knowledge, beautiful thoughts, and the reality of life. All it comes from her real-life experiences. 
You can also find some shopping recommendations about life influencing books, Art/Creativity supplies and artistic/creative things related to festivals/special occasions.  

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Mohini M Bajpai

πŸ—¨️Mohini M Bajpai
"My vision is to spread awareness about art and creativity and nurture people's minds with beautiful artistic thoughts. I write on various topics that are linked with Art, Creativity, and awareness, which also bring some kind of values to one's life. I look forward to a generation where everyone around us, is artistic, knowledgeable, and living a contented and peaceful life."


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  • Commissioned Artwork/Paintings:  where you can let us know about your requirements and imagination to turn into a beautiful piece of art that fits to your home, workplace or business needs.
  • Book Illustration: do approach if you need beautiful artistic touch-up for your books or magazines.
  • Painting Classes: for children and grownups. Learn how to fill colors in your thoughts, creative ideas, and imagination.
  • Art Gallery, come to visit our place. Buy beautiful original art pieces. (Also, If you like any of the art work shared online, please contact us to buy/know its availability.)

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Currently we are located in Lucknow (UP, INDIA). 
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#817 E-1, Vinay Khand, Gomatinagar, 226010 Lucknow, UP, India

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Easy DIY Rangoli Design - Diwali Especial

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