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A Beautiful Mind Can Create A Beautiful Life!

Role of A Beautiful Mind  What are the things that come first in our experience when we meet someone and start our first conversation! Definitely, their words or say their thoughts! If you seriously understand thoughts you might wonder what thoughts can create for us? So let's dig into the "Art of Becoming a Mindful Being" and know it from an artist's dogma. If you ever met a really captivating personality then it's somewhere directly related to the person's thought process! Our thoughts become our actions, and actions define us. Further, doing a specific kind of action repeatedly defines our nature and character. It directly implies that thoughts are making us and what we do makes our destiny. That's what is exactly called as "Law of attraction" also in some other fancy words. What we are today is a collection of our thoughts from the past and we can say that our today's thoughts are tomorrow's actions and our actions define what we are

Importance of Art&Creativity for Kids

Art is not just an activity for kids where they get engaged, and you take a chill pill🕺💃. I can assure you; after reading this post you'll realize how crucial it is😊! To better understand the Importance of Art&Creativity in children's lives, let's go step-wise and understand a few underlying facts.

What is Art?

 ART written in artistic way

can be defined as a diverse range of imaginative and creative activities using different types of media. Generally, you can see fine art, sculpture, performing art, music, and even many creative craft-works that come under the various dimensions of Art. Art and creativity have played a very significant role in human evolution and continuously helping generations to cultivate harmony by becoming more inventive, but rational. Art&Creativity focus on a natural way of development leading towards faith, equanimity, and dignity.

What's Happening Here..❓

A girl in bed holding mobile phone in sleep time
Children are at their early phase of development and they need much better creative handling than what they are actually getting these days. There are so many distractions including electronic devices📱, online games💻, and even social media, which are breaking into children's natural physical and mental development🧠. It's actually not helping them to flourish their full potential, rather their development process is getting worse📉. This kind of environment is making children's brains rough. They are developing a harsh feeling and many times it results in some kind of mental illness and disorders. It becomes really tough for younger children to understand their feelings and to pay attention to what they are doing, and from a very early age, many kids suffer from mental illnesses such as:

Role of Art&Creativity in Early Age

Image of paint and brushBeing busy with mobile, online games, and electronic devices like TV, tabs, laptops, etc promote some specific kinds of mental activities but obstructs natural  Neural Development. So there "Art&Creativity" comes into the scene. Many good things happen to a child's brain, body and heart when he/she is involved in some kind of artistic or creative work.

 Top 15 Children's Health Benefits from Art&Creativity 

1. Allows Strengthening of Thoughts

Image showing mind and zigsaw puzzle
Thousands of thoughts come to children's minds every day and, Art allows them to pay attention to those thoughts and connect them relatively, making some beautiful patterns or depictions. 
Let me tell you about the incident I remember. My daughter at 2 years of age, tried drawing her own picture on a board, and guess what ❓ she made 8 fingers in one hand and 7 in another one 🤣😂. When I asked her to look at her hands and the hands she drew on the board, she easily related them and understood what wrong was there. So even after knowing many things, children need an opportunity to connect their inner thoughts, memories, and knowledge they acquire from the outside world. Art works as the best tool to strengthen their understanding and to connect their thought at an early age.

2. Improves Concentration and Patience

little girl concentrating on painting
Art&creativity need your full concentration on what you are doing at that moment. When you are performing any creative work then your mind enters in a state of flow, where you are able to think better and you can connect your scattered thoughts in a better appealing way. This is a mental state where you enjoy your work up to the extent that you lose your sense of space and time. You are too much into your work, and you feel much energized and focused. Art&Creativity allow you to go in such a beautiful time state. Concentrating on a task is one aspect of flow, and once kids attain this one trait, they start enjoying everything they do. You will be surprised to see that, now they can happily sit for hours, at one single place without feeling bored.

3. Encourages Out of the Box Thinking

two minds with questions and answers symbols
To make something new, you have to think differently. Art&Creativity employs all your thinking neurons to form plenty of new ideas. Kids automatically start thinking differently and trying to create better things every time.
You can try this by giving them some colorful assignments about various issues/situations around us, and see, what they draw or how they tried depicting the issue. Believe me, it would be much more interesting what you could think of.

4. Allows Experimentation

Image showing multiple colors
Playing with colors opens their world and allows them to experiment in 1000 different ways for one single thought that comes to their mind. They learn about Color Tone Chemistry, how new colors can be formed by using just a few basic colors. They can illustrate their imagination, and by being creative they can do many more experiments with what they think or what they see around them.

5. Improves Writing Skills

Image of a girl writing with pencil
Various kinds of Artwork require exercising some specific parts of the body and the mind. Such as, to become a good singer🎤, one has to exercise the vocal cords daily. Similarly, dancing💃 improves the flexibility of the whole body. In the same way, drawing and painting skills mitigate the rigidity of the wrist ✍and fingers🖖🤘🤞and make the hands🖐 flexible and nimble. It results in improving children's writing skills.  

6. Improves the Sync of Mind and Heart

Man with mind and heart in his hands
Art&Creativity improve the sync of physical and mental hormones. Children feel more rhythm in themselves and the world around them. Doing Art and creative work not only improve their thinking ability, but you'll notice that they are showing their creativity in every aspect of their life. It will also reflect in their conversation. They start explaining things by framing better sentences, and their talk becomes adorable.

7. Improves Self Confidence

Happy girl with balloon looking up in the sky
Art&Creativity helps children to become like themselves, and to grow their freedom of expression and talent. It also teaches them to appreciate others for what they are. When children work on such kinds of projects they understand the value of work and effort it takes to craft something good and beautiful. In this way, they learn to respect themselves and others too. Respecting for what they are, increases their belief and confidence in themselves.

8. Makes Them Happy and Humble

Happy girl with colors on her clothes, face and hands
See, everything is co-related with each other. When kids do some creative task or make a beautiful drawing, they usually get appreciation from others and feel good about themselves for what they are doing. It makes them happy, and they also start propagating it by appreciating their friends and playmates for what good or creative they are doing. This kind of behavior makes them happy and humble.

9. Creativity Promotes Creativity

Image of sand castle
Creativity Improves creativity📈🎨👩‍🎨. You do creative things and you become even more creative. The same things happen to children too. Once they get exposed to Art&Creativity, it comes in their natural behavior. They start thinking creatively, and then they try to apply it in every aspect of life and try to invent something remarkable. 

10. Eliminates the Bars of Ages and Groups 

Image of children's hands
Art connects all of us and acts as a common language of expression and understanding. Have you ever tried working on some artwork/craftwork or playing any creative games with kids 🤹‍♂️🎤🃏🖍🎹🖌🎻💃📝? If Yes !, you'd have noticed how easily they become your friends👬👯‍♂️. Art&Creativity opens the doors for innovation to come from all age groups of people.

11. Improves Observation and Analyzing Skills

children in observation pose
Observation is a very significant part of Art&Creativity. Children already have a very good observation trait, and when they are exposed to creative work, they try to apply all their know-how, which finally results in extensive observation. 🔍👀Now, these wonderful observations help them in improving their analytical ability too📈.

12. Does Lubrication of Brain Fluids

Image showing mind and neurons
Art&Creativity produces some feel-good hormones, so-called EndorphinsDopamine, and Serotonin in children's brains. Many times, when they didn't have a good day🥀☹ or they are going through mood swings😞😡🗯, expending some time on coloring and drawing activities helps them to cope up with that. It also helps children to overcome their usual study-related tension and pressure. So these kinds of activities grease their brain tissues by giving them a relaxed and contented feeling.

13. Makes them Sensitive and Aware

Image of earth map on hands
When you work on a creative idea you have to know about the things around you and in the environment to precipitate your thoughts and then, try to depict it in your own way. So somewhere, being creative improves children's awareness about themselves and about their environment. Art&Creativity promote their attention, sensitivity, good feelings, emotions, and serenity

14. Encourages Problem Solving Ability

Girl solving puzzle
You would have observed that, when you work on some new ideas, many problems come into your way and you get stuck plenty of times. But, that one single thought to create something new or beautiful, always keeps you on track. Similarly, when kids are immersed in some creative tasks, their mind works in a flow state where they are much better focused. Now they can think of many different prospective of a problem-solution scenario🧠✌. They keep on doing trial and error until they find the best possible solution🎯, which finally results in better problem-solving skills.

15. Offers the Opportunity to Experience the World a Little More

A boy drawing on the ground with colorful chalks
Art&Creativity give children a chance to employ all their physical senses. They hear, speak, touch, look and taste many things while doing creative tasks. So, always give them this opportunity to feel this world a little more from their level of understanding. 

Hope you find this article useful and insightful. So, now you have to let your children explore this world more creatively and artfully. "Life is beautiful and Art&Creativity can make it exceptional."

Live Life, Magnify it with Art&Creativity, and Prepare the New Generation for a Better Version of You!👍🌼🎨🖌💃📝🧒🎤🎹🎼🎺🎵🧑🎻🕺🎸🥁🎶🎨🖌
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Pictures Attribution: www.freepik.com, www.pixabay.comwww.DrizzlingColorsArt.com


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    1. Sure dear ... Let me summurise my ideas ..will be back on this very soon ☺️

    2. Read "15 best ideas to promote your child's creativity" at the end of this post !

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  9. Thank you ! Yup sure every kid should be given this right to enhance their traits using art and Creativity. So as our little princess Omisha.😘

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  12. Children can explore and express their feelings through art and other forms of creative expression, including nonverbal ones. Additionally, it allows kids the chance to make things that are wholly original, proud of, and that improve their confidence and self-esteem. Art and creativity are easy ways to kick start the mental growth of a student. This topic is covered in great detail in your post, which is a great resource for anyone looking for it.

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