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A Beautiful Mind Can Create A Beautiful Life!

Role of A Beautiful Mind  What are the things that come first in our experience when we meet someone and start our first conversation! Definitely, their words or say their thoughts! If you seriously understand thoughts you might wonder what thoughts can create for us? So let's dig into the "Art of Becoming a Mindful Being" and know it from an artist's dogma. If you ever met a really captivating personality then it's somewhere directly related to the person's thought process! Our thoughts become our actions, and actions define us. Further, doing a specific kind of action repeatedly defines our nature and character. It directly implies that thoughts are making us and what we do makes our destiny. That's what is exactly called as "Law of attraction" also in some other fancy words. What we are today is a collection of our thoughts from the past and we can say that our today's thoughts are tomorrow's actions and our actions define what we are

Art, Nature, and We...! Introducing "Nature and She"...

Every artist starts working with either of these two, creative thought or a strong feeling. So am I. This artwork titled "Nature and She" is trying to relate our inner world with the nature around us.

drizzling colors art paintings
"Nature and She" painted by Mohini M Bajpai
When I am talking about the connection between nature and humans, I shall not forget to mention, how important it is for us. Being in nature or even viewing natural scenes always gives us tremendous health benefits🀾‍♀️πŸ’ͺ🀸‍♀️. Nature, not only multiplies our emotional and pleasant feelings but also contributes to our physical well-being. It relaxes us from within and makes us feel alive, aware, and beautiful.

As per my personal experience, today's modern life has taken the natural beauty of life away from human beings. We've become so technical and so smart that we've even forgotten the very basics of life around us. "Have you ever wondered that even after having all comfort and facilities to ease our lifestyle, why many times we feel emaciated and squeezed out πŸ˜’πŸ˜ŸπŸ˜“?".

There might be a couple of different answers to this question, but... the basic answer is that we have forgotten to be grateful to life and we are severely missing its inevitable connectivity towards natural vibesπŸƒ. Life needs freedom, expansion, and liberalization, but we are actually walking in opposite direction in the name of sophistication and modernism. Things could be necessary until they start sucking you.

"Nature" is still reminding us that happiness is free, beauty is all around us, and love is in the air you are breathing. You only need to feel it with all your senses open. "Nature", an enormous source of joy and pleasure is always with us, but it's being hardly realized that nature has so much to make us feel lively and contented.
 If we could see, It just takes a little attention to the natural things around us to feel blessed and be peaceful. Nature is so aesthetic, artful, lively, creative, and inventive in itself that anybody would be enchanted by its excellence. And the best part is that its grace is omnipresent without being judgmental. You would be benefited as much as receptive you are. You'll realize how beautiful it is to be alive and just being you.

When you are with nature you don't need any reason to be happy. Love is flourishing everywhere, in raindrops πŸ’§πŸ’¦, in the fragrance of colorful flowers 🌼🌻🌹🌷, in shady artistic clouds πŸŒ₯⛈⛅πŸŒ₯, in trembling leavesπŸŒΏπŸ€πŸ‚πŸ and trees bowing their heads when the wind passes🌴, in the chirping of birds🐦, in the burble of water, and even in the silence of mountains which actually speaks a lot🎡🎢.

With the eternal natural glory, we have something more, which gives us peace and connect us with life and makes us more aware of profound living. You might have heard that "Life is an art", and now I say that"If you are truly involved, Art can give you a life"It might be any kind of art but its beauty is that either you are engaged in creating it or you are just viewing it as a true admirer, you'll feel connected and involved in it. This involvement gives kind of similar effect, that comes when you are in nature, feeling full of heart, and empty from chaotic thoughts.

When I try to create any artwork with some natural touch, I have a similar motive, to give the viewer a soothing and beautiful feeling. I aim to viewer's profound feeling, similar to what I feel when I work on it. Now I can conclude that "Nature and Art both give you tranquility".

People usually relate beauty to the outside world, but your bond with nature and art will make you beautiful from the inside. It unmasks the inner you, the real you...!, and every human being is equally aesthetically beautiful. So as me, so as you, and so as every little creature on this earth.
I hope you would've felt a little tranquility and beauty here also while reading this post and viewing the painting on this page.

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Stay Tranquil, Think Beautiful and Connect Yourself with Nature and Art...!


  1. I completely agree with your writeup....and
    This is the need of the
    hour too... TO SAVE OUR ENV.🌍..we should love the nature just like our mother ....πŸ’Œ

  2. **Nature nurtures us ..we should nurture nature **
    . you wrote such a wonderful description of mother nature....all the best fr next one ...

    1. Such a beautiful quote..
      "Nature nurtures us, we should nurture nature". Thanks for your comment!

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post and felt the reality about us. You have written a beautiful and knowledgeable article on connection of ART, NATURE AND Humans. This write-up touched my heart .πŸ‘❤️

  4. Beautiful painting n true words.keep it up mohini

  5. Thanks for sharing such a thoughtful post.

    1. Hey Zayden. Thanks for your valuable words! It's a pleasure to know that you found this post thoughtful πŸ’ ❤️

  6. This is really a great post. I really love artistic wall painting. Good work!


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