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Role of A Beautiful Mind  What are the things that come first in our experience when we meet someone and start our first conversation! Definitely, their words or say their thoughts! If you seriously understand thoughts you might wonder what thoughts can create for us? So let's dig into the "Art of Becoming a Mindful Being" and know it from an artist's dogma. If you ever met a really captivating personality then it's somewhere directly related to the person's thought process! Our thoughts become our actions, and actions define us. Further, doing a specific kind of action repeatedly defines our nature and character. It directly implies that thoughts are making us and what we do makes our destiny. That's what is exactly called as "Law of attraction" also in some other fancy words. What we are today is a collection of our thoughts from the past and we can say that our today's thoughts are tomorrow's actions and our actions define what we are

15 Best and Honest Ideas to Promote Your Child's Creativity !

 2022: Make Your Little Ones More Creative

 15 Honest Ideas to Enhance Your Child's Creativity

Every new year comes with some kinds of new energy and expectations. So why we shouldn't utilize this opportunity to explore the "ART" of creative upbringing!😊  
Creativity can enlighten your mind
Creativity Enlightens 
Little kids are adorable in terms of their spontaneous activities and their creative talks. Their minds are developing at an exponential pace, so giving a little extra effort in providing them the right environment to develop their creativity can do wonders for them.

I think all parents want their kids to be creative, and it might be surprising for you that children's creative tendencies are mostly manipulated by their parents only or the adults around them. They either enhance or impede their creativity. The reasons might be various from not being aware of the right methods, tools, toys, games, the right environment to most importantly, the parental attitude.

Although every child is different and is special in his or her own way, the way you deal with your kids can add many additional values to their behavior and persona. Your proper and genuine interaction can excel the child's cognitive process of creative thinking by keeping them happy and healthy internally. Later, which is going to play a vital role not only in their own life but also in society.

So, if you are reading this far, I am sure you are interested in bringing up your child with a creative intend and boosting up his or her cognitive thought process.
So here you go with a few common things that every parent can do to bring out the uncommon trends in their children's creative abilities and behavior.

1. Festivals are opportunities to become more creative

Creative handmade clay diyas in Diwali a festival from India
Creative clay art and design by Manisha Singh
Festival and holidays keep coming every year. We should take advantage of this time to improve our children's artistic intend and creative thinking. Few simple things that we all can do with our little ones without needing additional time are: 
  • Plan some theme decoration with your little one, and do it together.
  • Involve your child in doing Rangoli/floor decoration, wall decoration, or in planning lighting strategy.
  • Discuss amusement or fun activities and ask for their opinion.
  • Involve your kids in doing preparations.

2. Utilize the Time When You Go to Sleep

  • Storytelling🗣👩‍🏫 can be a good fun activity when kids go to bed. You can make your own small stories too, using their fun characters and some kinds of moral lessons. Ask them also to tell stories sometimes. 
  • Book-Reading📖 - If you are not good at making your own stories go for choosing some good books and read them with your kiddos before going to bed.
  • Kids ask many questions which, is actually good for them. If they don't, insist they ask questions. Rather you can take the first step by asking these kinds of questions.
    • What is your opinion?
    • What is your approach?
    • What do you think could be the solution?
    • What is your imagination about this? etc.
    • How do you feel about this?
    These types of questions put their thinking neurons💭🤹‍♀️ to work and grow their imagination.

This habit not only increases the thinking ability but also will develop their communication skills very fast. And the cherry on top🍒 is that you yourself gonna enjoy the time with them, your child is your best stress-buster.

3. Nature and its profoundness is a great teacher

Daughter and father on the way to explore the nature
Father and daughter exploring the nature
Take them to nearby natural places such as fields under the open sky, beaches, and parks around you. Mud, sand, pebbles, leaves, and water are creative triggers for kids. Ask them to create something using leaves or stones, or sticks. 

You can also expose them to gardening, which gives them knowledge as well as several health benefits with a chance to connect themselves to real life.

Grass Flowers Tiara - Creativity with Fun

4. A Dedicated Place and Time 

If possible, arrange a separate room or table for your child for doing creative tasks. It could be the same place which is used for study, or if it's not possible, a playing mat in a corner could be the best option, where they can explore their creative to-do list. Fixing a time⌚ on specific days of the week can take you to positive results📈👍.

5. Key to Unlock the Creativity: 

Children's art and creativity material
Children's creativity kit items
Try to assemble a creativity kit for your little one which, includes crayons🖍, art papers📔, watercolor🎨✏, chalks and sketch pens🖊, whatever is suitable for you and your child. You can also get some ready-made items like slate, tracing pads, sketchbook or color book, etc. These things also help kids to utilize their time creatively. 

6. Craft Work. 

Swinging monkey with paper craft work wall art for kids room
If your child is above three years, craftwork could be a wonderful option. Provide him/her glue-sticks and a kid's friendly pair of scissors ✂. Do some drawing and cutting, you guys can make beautiful cards for different occasions and people. Who knows, your child can surprise you by making one for your birthday🎂💌😍. Elders can sit with them and help them(taking care of hazardous situations). Few more ideas such as:
Picture: Wall art at homemade of construction papers, design idea somewhere from the web.

Turkey craftwork made of construction paper sheets
  • Make use of your kid's old and used coloring books- cutting the pictures from them can help you in creating a wonderful collage.
  • Make apparel using colorful plastic bags, newspapers, and colorful construction paper sheets.
  • Decorate your child's study place with self-created art /craftwork.
  • Reuse old things for creative craft things, such as bottles, threads, cardboards, etc. Picture: Use of colorful papers, disposal plate, and other craft items available at home
  • Many things can be made using cardboard boxes like a kitchen set, a house, etc.

7. Take Entertainment into consideration!

creative healthy entertainment improves creativity
Children singing and Dancing: A creative amusement
We all have noticed the abundance of worthless entertainment in today's internet era. So our job is to spare the little ones from being addicted to online toy review shows, unlimited cartoons, and movies causing mental slavery to them. Online or programmed games are killing their innovative thinking ability. Thus try to minimize their screen time on mobile, tablets, TV, and laptops. Despite unlimited access to online entertainment, utilize their time in real and insightful ways of amusement, which will help to evolve their inventive approach towards life. A few examples of such ideas are:
  • Reading poems, books with them.
  • Singing songs together, make funny and rhyming sentences, parodies.
  • Allowing to watch innovative stuff online, e-books, or stories keeping the choices in mind with timelines.
  • Giving them more access to literature and books according to their age.
  • Play active indoor and outdoor games.

8. Selection of Toys and Gifts

Although it's not possible all the time whenever you could be wise while buying stuff for your child. Go for selecting toys which, allow them to put their thinking neurons into work. The well-known examples are building blocks, magnetic tracing pads, and puzzles, etc.

9. Encourage These Simple Activities at Home:

There are a few common things we can do to engage our little champions in imaginative tasks:
creativity using shapes like circle, triangle, etc
Artwork using different shapes
  • Illustrating ideas and moral stories.
  • Just ask them to draw a few things they find in the house or what they see and like in nature.
  • Give your child some shapes( like circles, semicircles, triangles, squares, rectangles, etc.) and ask them to make something by combining different shapes: eg: making a house, or flower, or an umbrella.
  • The dough is not only for bread, especially if you have a toddler at home this could be lots of fun. Give a little dough to play with and ask to make different shapes and things from them. Kids learn and also enjoy doing this activity. Children above three can also use the play dough available in the market.

10. Creativity through Numbers, Alphabets, and Shapes:

Creative drawing using numbers
Creativity using numbers
It's a fun activity for children, once they learn to recognize the basic numbers and alphabets. Make some kind of cartoons/pictures using those numbers or alphabets, and ask them to think if they can come up with more creative ideas. 
eg: a duck from 2🦆🐤, a rocket from 1🚀, a butterfly from 3🦋, a toy teddy from 8🧸, shapes sun from a circle🌞, boat flag from a triangle 🚩, etc.

11:  Making a Collection

Make a File/Folder📂 to collect their beautiful drawings. It makes them feel good about themselves and their creativity. It won't be a Picasso painting🖼, but a big hand to increase their self-confidence about being creative.

12: Why only a Snowman?

If you live in a place where you get snow every year, never leave the chance to be creative with having fun. Help your child to think out of the box and get some new ideas about what else could be made with snow rather than the convention snowman ☃️. (I remember my childhood when I made a beautiful tall missile.🚀All my neighbors came to see this, even a local newspaper covered this showtime creativity.)

13: Take your child to creative visits!

Children participating in art fair
Children participating in events
Try to get opportunities to "get out of the house"! Find new places to visit! Go to a museum, exhibitions, an art gallery, or even just a park. Find occasions and new things they can participate in to expand their horizons. Expose them to things which, allow them to experience life deeper.

14 Travelling is exploring 

Children exploring new places with parents
Picture: Family on a tour
Traveling to new places helps them to know more about people, culture, and the world around them. 
They experience diversity and unity in various aspects of life. So when the time comes to generate new ideas, they can be more innovative with their thoughts.

15  Free time, The Treasure Box 

Children playing with sand
Picture: Children playing freely
It has been observed that leaving children free for some time and allowing them to think and do things themselves takes their creativity to a higher level. So, encourage learning by experimenting through trial and error methods. Let them make mistakes and experience the process of reaching the best possible solution. So avoid controlling their activities and decision all the time. 

Avoid Hampering the Spontaneous Behavior

While practicing the improvement techniques, it is also important to avoid a few common mistakes, which might hamper children's natural creative tendency. Try to understand that children who have a creative tendency also have some kinds of unusual trends in their behavior, such as being individualistic, offbeat, unusual viewpoints, and sometimes impatient and difficult to control too. So try not to critic and compare with their siblings and friends. Every child is different and has a different learning pace, so if you want to see your child being innovative, you truly need to practice those tips and construct a creative learning environment. 

I hope you found it valuable and worth reading!😊 Let me know which one was your favorite. Share your views and insight in the comments below!

Picture Credit: www.pixabay.com, www.freepik.com, www.drizzlingcolorsart.com, Copyright©drizzlingcolorsart2021
Importance of art and creativity for children


  1. The points you mentioned are so much relatable💯, thanks for sharing such valuable thoughts and research work. We will be expecting many such thing in near future.

  2. Fabulous & very helpful.. All ideas are amazing, I loved encouraging simple activities at home most..never thought of giving her shapes & ask to make something by joining them.. Also I am definitely going to make a folder of her creative work & will share with u too... Love u for this post..

    1. Great pleasure to me by knowing that you found it helpful ! I would love to see little dolls creative folder ! ❤️😊


  3. such a thoughtful and unique this blog is....
    you analysed it very well. and it turned out very intresting and usefull also..


  4. such a thoughtful and unique this blog is....
    you analysed it very well. and it turned out very intresting and usefull also..

  5. Wonderful 👏!!! I am not at all surprised to read each line cause you are such a genius and talented woman that I bet that you can challenge every stage and phase of your life with success. I am really glad to have you as my friend. Your simplicity in nature and looks is equal to million dollars. Keep on dropping your thoughts and many mothers will really gets little tips.

    1. Many thanks from core of my heart ! Your words are a motivation doze for me ..❤️👍

  6. Thank you for sharing these valuable thoughts... These are very helpful to me...

  7. Hi Mohini, Your blog shares tonnes of quality suggestions for parents and kindergarten teachers. Many times it is seen that people say that handling kids, teaching, and doing some activities with them are easier. But as you also mentioned here there are many little things that need to take into consideration like not to criticize them if they are thinking differently are doing something very unique in their craft and drawing. Honestly speaking Even I could not resist doing so. But if teachers and parents pay little attention and go through your blog then they will be able to spend quality time with kids which will result in improved creativity of the kids and they will be able to think out of the box. Here I would like to share a post that I came across for the best art classes in Singapore, these are the classes where tutors help the kids and nurture their creativity. Thanks for your wonderful post.

    1. Thank you Emma for genuinely appreciating and sharing information about your art classes.


  8. I agree with a lot of the points you made in this article. If you are looking for the Ceramic Plates And Bowls, then visit HomeNHoney. I appreciate the work you have put into this and hope you continue writing on this subject.

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