Art of Creative Thinking: Enhance your child's Creative Thinking

Art of Creative Thinking

Here I am touching on an important area of development of our kids. In today's world, we observe kids getting smarter day by day. They are highly tech-savvy and good at learning all new things. But the problem in today's time is that all the learning is coming through the web, especially through electronic devices. 

So the problem here is that their mind is fed with all they watch on the internet and TV. But as a cons, they are losing their joy and peace at a very early age. Their creative thinking deteriorates. By definition, Creative Thinking is out-of-the-box thinking. Creative Thinking also improves your child's problem-solving skills.

There are many ways you can enrich your child's mind to learn creative thinking:

  1. The best is to allow them to solve their own problems, up to the extent it is possible. It helps them to connect the incidents, analyze the issue, and then try to figure out the possible solutions.
  2. Utilize the nighttime/bedtime. Do some storytelling and ask them what did they learn from it? or during the story, create a random problem and let them answer it. I have used this technique, a lot. Using it you can teach them many good things and even you can teach some basics of mathematics to your 3,4-year-old kid.
  3. Here is a quick example of teaching them problem-solving using the basic idea of framing a story for a question. 
E.g.- Nyra and Riya were two sisters. Once their mom decides to check their capability of doing home chores. She told them that they would get one candy for every task completed. Both sisters decided that they would share and give half of the candies they earned to one another. Out of 10 tasks on the list Nyra completed 8 tasks, as she was older, she could do more. But Riya did only 4. So, Nyra got 8 candies but Riya got only 4. As promised, Riya and Nyra gave half of their candies to the other. Can you tell me how many candies Nyra and Riya have with them now?

Illustration by Mohini M Bajpai: Riya and Nyra playing happily after sharing their candies

This is simple addition and subtraction, but the story adds fun and lets them think and solve creatively. I practice this daily with my little one and she truly enjoys it. If you liked the approach, type your answer in the comment box. 😊👆

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