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Easy Drawing Fruits and Veggies for Kids - Basic

     Easy Drawing Fruits and Veggies for Kids   Easy Draw Fruits and Vegetables: Use of Triangle, Circles, and Curved Lines In this article, you will learn some very basic level fruits and vegetables drawing ideas for your little ones. The drawing ideas included here are: Carrot Tomato Corn Brinjals Grapes Orange Pineapple Strawberry Apple Watermelon    Let's Get Started    Pre-requisites Knowledge of basic shapes, such as circles ⭕, lines(|, /,__), triangles🔻, etc.  Mode of Work  Paperwork. You can use pencils, sketch pens, and crayons, etc. Also, very easy to draw using MS Paint 3D using laptops/desktops/tablets, etc. (online mode). Material Required/Tools Pencils and colors of your choice (sketches, watercolor, crayons) you can also try it on Laptop/Desktop. Approach Follow the step provided with the depicted images.  Fill in the colors of your choice to give them a tinge.    1. Carrot   Step-wise easy drawings- carrot    2. Tomato   Step-wise easy drawings- tomato    3.

"Shocking Truths About How Different Cultures and Religions View Women Around the World!"

Women Around the World: Shocking Truth

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How women are treated and accepted in society is a fundamental parameter to understanding the very basics of our religion and society. 

In short, there are three types of sentiments towards women worldwide. One European, the second Arabic, and the third is the Indian type. The Arabic sentiments are that a woman is private property, it is the object of consumption. Because it is private property, it should not be seen, that is why the woman here is covered from top to bottom. The Western sentiments about women are that it is objects of consumption but public property. This is why the women here are quite open in their appearances. 

The third type of sentiment is the Indian type. A woman is a Goddess. This feeling came because our ancestors must have thought that women make the most sacrifices. She leaves behind his parents and siblings. She leaves her native place. She leaves her friends. Everything goes away after she gets married. That's why she should be kept a little higher. 

Now look at the ancient times of Bharat (India). In Bharatvarsh, the name of the prince was not given in the name of the state. Rather it was the princess. The Princess of Gandhara is 'Gandhari', the Princess of Kaushal Rajya is 'Kaushalya', Princess of Panchal State is 'Panchali'. This is the spirit of India. There are more than 4000 religions in the whole world, but women are worshiped only in Sanatan Dharma. Women are not worshipped anywhere else, and alas, in many places they do not even have the right to worship. But in our religion, no worship is considered complete without the woman of a married man! Now look at the word "Grihani"(गृहिणी). The Hindi word "गृहिणी" means one to whom the entire house is indebted.

Now let's understand the global opinions on women, which are considerably influenced by countless cultural, social, economic, and political factors. Here are some of the general opinions based on the various factors mentioned above.

1. Western Societies

It's being said that in most Western countries, the emphasis on gender equality and women's rights is sufficiently established. Traditionally, women are generally treated as equals in society and have a high participation rate in the workforce, politics, and education. Social movements such as feminism, which have fought for women's political rights, gender equality in the workplace, reproductive rights for women, and combating gender-related violence, have had a major role.  

2. Arab (Middle Eastern; North African) Countries

The role of women plays out differently in the Middle East and North Africa. In many parts of the developing and even developed world, where women are still expected to be dutiful to the house and consider family as "real" life. On the one hand, women have long held inferior positions in society, as many have gone to college and entered careers. While the rights and freedom are left with a heap of challenges some reforms in the legal domain and some social changes are trying to elevate the position of women.

3. South Asia

In South Asian countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, women are heavily influenced by the traditional and religious roles they are expected to adhere to so the inspiration of grace are lives of a lot of women in South Asia. Education and employment participation have happened, over the past few decades, and while the influence of marriage and family life is decreasing, societal expectations in these respects remain major. Problems like dowry, domestic violence, and gender discrimination remain first and foremost on the agenda. Despite this, many South Asian women continue to smash barriers and excel in various fields.

4. East Asia

In East Asia, international locations like Japan, China, and South Korea have a visible mix of conventional and current perspectives on women. Women are tremendously knowledgeable and take part actively within the group of workers, yet they regularly face societal stress to conform to standard roles of marriage and motherhood. In recent years, there has been a growing awareness and activism around troubles like gender equality, work-life stability, and girls's rights.

5. Sub-Saharan Africa

In sub-Saharan Africa, women have diverse roles depending on specific countries and cultures. Girls frequently play critical roles in agriculture and community lifestyles. While there have been tremendous strides in schooling and health for women, challenges consisting of gender-based violence, early marriage, and restrained monetary opportunities persist. Many NGOs and social services are working towards improving the repute and rights of ladies in this region.

6. Latin America

When Talking about Latin America, women's collaboration in politics, commercial enterprise, and social movements is getting more day by day. The place has seen a surge in female leadership and activism, mainly around troubles including reproductive rights, home violence, and gender equality. However, conventional gender roles and machismo way of life nevertheless have an effect on societal attitudes closer to the females.

Common Global Themes

Women around the world 
Gender Equality and Women Empowerment: There is an increase in movements, in the direction of women empowerment and achieving gender equality. Schooling, monetary independence, and political participation are key regions of recognition.

Influence of Society, culture, and Religion: Cultural and religious norms notably shape the opinion of women. These impacts can work in both ways either they can give a boost to conventional roles of women or can be leveraged to sell progressive modifications towards women's freedom and growth.

Challenges and Obstacles: Despite the increase in women's growth in various professions, Women are still facing several issues all over the world, including discrimination, limited access to resources, violence, societal pressure, and family expectations, etc.

Activism and Advocacy: Social movements in favor of Women's empowerment and women's rights activists are playing an essential role in confronting stereotypes, promoting policy modifications, and gender equality.


The opinions on women around the world are multifaceted and intricate. While there is enormous development for women in many areas, lots of hard work and support are still required to ensure that women everywhere have equal prospects and rights. It is crucial to understand and address the multifarious challenges faced by women globally to construct a better balanced and loving world.


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