Drawings by Children in Art Class

Benefits of Art and Creativity for Children from Art Classes 

After facilitating free art classes for kids for around two months, I am so happy. I never expected that Art would be so much appreciated by kids. 

I know we all think it's fun for kids, but believe me, I can see much more than that in children. I have noticed some apparent changes in their behavior. 

Different kids have different natures but still, few behaviors are taken from the environment they live in and from the people they meet. So behavior keeps changing. That's the reason I felt like sharing this post with you all.

Here we go with some major things I noticed in them:

1. Focus and Concentration: 

I remember a girl in my class, who was a bit cranky on her first day and was not able to focus on instructions and work properly. She kept talking most of the time rather than focusing on what we were drawing. But after 2,3 classes only, I noticed that she is more focused than before following the instructions very promptly and she can manage all work by herself better than before when her mom was trying to help her with drawing. Same changes I saw in a few more kids too. 

2. Freedom Of Thought and Self-Expression :

I remember in initial classes, kids were like "What are we going to draw today?" but slowly expressing their thoughts. They open up to their way of making the artwork beautiful rather than just doing what I tell them. 

3. Imagination

Children are developing their imagination to add value and come up with better ideas to draw in their next classes. They are so happy that they think and plan in advance.

4. Work Habits

They are becoming more neat and clean towards their work. No more mess as sometimes they did in initial classes. 

However, it's not very easy to take art classes online, because it's not something I can just lecture on, rather I need to draw on MS Paint and show them what and how to draw stepwise. Still, the kids are doing so well. Let me share some of their work with you all.

Drawing of a boy holding flowers behind the back
Drawing of a boy holding flowers behind the back

Drawing flowerpots and flowers
Drawing flowerpots and flowers

Drawing of an Indian mother
Drawing of an Indian mother

Drawing a boy holding a ball
Drawing a boy holding a ball

A bird flying in the basic

Easy drawing funny carrots

Kids-drawing and octopus


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