Do more what you love !

How to cultivate a state of happiness within you!

It's crucial to recognize the things that bring you happiness and provide them with regular, dedicated time in your life to keep moving forward with joy.

How to identify?

However, it is tough to get time nowadays because most of our free time goes to Social Media and the internet. Though I am not criticizing it because sometimes it is helpful too for example you are reading this post just because of this facility. But yes you have to be discerning about your choice. Like where you are spending most of your time? Is it worth adding some valuable things to you or is it just a time waste scrolling Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media platforms. ?

It's crucial to know and do things that make you a happier person from the inside. Anything that connects you to the beauty of human nature and brings out the best feeling of your inner world.

Think about the area of interest

1. Sports

2. Dancing

3. Singing

4. Painting sketching

5. Craft 

6. Knitting sewing

7. Cooking

8. Gardening

9. Teaching by choice and passion

10. Reading books 

11. Writing blogs, articles, poems, diaries etc

12. Camping traveling the world

Once you decide the area you are interested in 

Go for arranging the necessary things and then start with a tiny target first, which you can easily complete. Thinking of the best results and high expectations from yourself might ruin your plan. So just go step by step progress and just enjoy your work. Initially, you can get help from the Internet.  Once you start doing it you may need some expert's help, especially in a few activities like sports or dancing, etc. If possible, go for it! You never know where this journey is going to take you. Investing in yourself is the best investment you can ever make. 

Feel the joy and positive changes in you! 

Once you start doing your things regularly, you will be surprised to see the positive changes in your mindset and body language.  This will do wonders and make you feel a better person. 

Continuously do it for months, and you will see major changes in your way of living on this earth. The real joy comes from within. 😊👍 and you will inevitably feel it.

So are you on the path ? Share your thoughts!


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