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Easy Drawing Fruits and Veggies for Kids - Basic

     Easy Drawing Fruits and Veggies for Kids   Easy Draw Fruits and Vegetables: Use of Triangle, Circles, and Curved Lines In this article, you will learn some very basic level fruits and vegetables drawing ideas for your little ones. The drawing ideas included here are: Carrot Tomato Corn Brinjals Grapes Orange Pineapple Strawberry Apple Watermelon    Let's Get Started    Pre-requisites Knowledge of basic shapes, such as circles ⭕, lines(|, /,__), triangles🔻, etc.  Mode of Work  Paperwork. You can use pencils, sketch pens, and crayons, etc. Also, very easy to draw using MS Paint 3D using laptops/desktops/tablets, etc. (online mode). Material Required/Tools Pencils and colors of your choice (sketches, watercolor, crayons) you can also try it on Laptop/Desktop. Approach Follow the step provided with the depicted images.  Fill in the colors of your choice to give them a tinge.    1. Carrot   Step-wise easy drawings- carrot    2. Tomato   Step-wise easy drawings- tomato    3.

Best Toddler's Activity Books/Toys to Promote Learning and Cognitive Development- Under 2 years!

Learning Kits/Activity Binders for Toddlers

All Parents love their children and being a parent I can feel the joy of buying toys for children. Usually, we as a parents, try to provide them toys to play and to engage them, and up to some extent it could be successful too. But, later you would have seen that they will end up playing with kitchen utensils and other stuff at home rather those expensive toys. So don't you think that you should be thoughtful while spending your hard earned money on those expensive toys.

Especially, if you have children under 2 years of age, it's vey important for them to play and learn. But, 
If you see, the toy market these days is biased in terms of money making. Very few brands provide innovative toys, targeting 🎯 children's mental growth. There are thousand of toys for them to play and have fun but sooner or later you will notice that kids loose interest in these toys except few of their favorite. That is a kind of wasting your money on toys. So if you are a parent who want to pay attention to child's cognitive development process as well, and want to help them in learning and enhancing their basic soft skills then you need to include few educational toys and learning kits in their toy collection. Even you can gift these kind of activity book and educational toys to your loved ones who have little kids. Here are few of such ideas to explore:

1. Learning Activity Binder 
2. Magnetic Writing Pad
3. Colorful Chalks
4. Sand Bucket
5. Wooden Toy Train/Magnetic Blocks
6. Sand Bucket
7. Art Supplies for younger kids

In this article we are going to see the "Activity Binder" in detail.

 Learning Activity Binder for Toddlers

These are kind of books , which you can provide to your little kids in their early learning phase. Activity Binders comes usually in spiral binding with plenty of different learning activities. These books are very handy and made in such a way that toddlers can play and learn in their own way of handling. Few features of these kinds of learning activity binders are:

  • Made of Plastic covering and laminated pages
  • Spiral binding
  • Attach-detach activity 
  • Different kinds of basic concept with colorful and creative depiction
  • Easy to clean- wipe clean
  • Safe and sturdy
  • For age min 1.5 years - 4 years Max
  • Handy for children's rough way of using 
Few Images from the one activity binder that I have at my home ( Thanks to one of my friends who gifted this activity binder to my little daughter):

Image of an front page of learning activity binder
Learning Activity Binder with 10 attach-detach activities

Image of different activities inside
Different types of attach-detach fun learning activities inside the binder

These activity binders are my personal recommendation. You can get it from market easily or if not, buy it online. Click on the buy now button given below to buy it today only. Content inside this book, and its pattern may slightly vary from different sellers but main concept would be almost same. These wipe and clean books are fun to play with, and also help in leaning and promoting children's cognitive growth. Wanted to gift someone? or for your own child! You should definitely buy one of this activity binder if you have a kid under two years of age!
Activity binder example available in the market
Toddlers Learning Activity Binder


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