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A Beautiful Mind Can Create A Beautiful Life!

Role of A Beautiful Mind  What are the things that come first in our experience when we meet someone and start our first conversation! Definitely, their words or say their thoughts! If you seriously understand thoughts you might wonder what thoughts can create for us? So let's dig into the "Art of Becoming a Mindful Being" and know it from an artist's dogma. If you ever met a really captivating personality then it's somewhere directly related to the person's thought process! Our thoughts become our actions, and actions define us. Further, doing a specific kind of action repeatedly defines our nature and character. It directly implies that thoughts are making us and what we do makes our destiny. That's what is exactly called as "Law of attraction" also in some other fancy words. What we are today is a collection of our thoughts from the past and we can say that our today's thoughts are tomorrow's actions and our actions define what we are

Art of Dancing

 Art of Dancing

Image of a beautiful lady performing Indian cultural dance Bharatnatyam
Art of Dancing: "Nrityakala" | A Painting by Mohini M Bajpai

What is Dance?

In simple words, we can say that dance is the movements of body in a rhythmic way aimed to entertain oneself and others. But when it becomes intensely expressive by passion and emotion of the person performing the dance, it's not just Dance, It's an Art. Art of dancing has a purpose of expressing an idea or emotion, leaving both the spectator and 
performer delightful.
This performing art has a variety of body movement patterns, and it has been originated from different cultures and parts of the world. 

There is always a most basic motive behind dancing, which is the expression and communication of feelings and emotion. Lord Shiva's (The Almighty God from Sanatan DharmTandava nritya is famous for showing his vigor that is the source of creation, preservation and dissolution. He is also known as Natraj the "Dancing God". The word Tandava itself has many types and forms depending upon which god or goddess is performing, and which kind of emotion emotion they are releasing at that moment. The known forms of Tandav are: 
Ananda Tandava, Tripura Tandava, Sandhya Tandava, Samhara Tandava, Kali (Kalika) Tandava, Uma Tandava, Shiva Tandava, Krishna Tandava( while killing of Kaliya nag) and Gauri Tandava. Similarly other religions also have their own and unique history of dancing art. Later with time indian culture bloomed with many other known forms of dance like, 
Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kathakali , Manipuri, Kuchipudi, Oddisi, Bhangada/Gidda, Garba, Rouf, Ghoomar, Bihu,and Mohiniyattam. The list doesn't stop here, and there are many other dances from India itself.

Talking about the world, Ballet(Russia), Break Dance(United States), Belly dance(Middle East), Salsa(Cuba), Samba(Brazil), Flamenco(Spain) are few of the well known dance names. There are many more unique and interesting dances from all around the world that most of us would even not be aware of. 

Now, don't think it is the right of only humans, animals and birds also dance to show their joy when they are in high spirit or to release their mighty feelings like anger and impatience. You would have definitely heard about the peacock dance. 

image of a dancing peacock
Dancing Peacock

A little Philosophy- Art of Dancing Vs Life๐Ÿ˜‰

"Life is like dancing in the rain. You can only enjoy this act if you are not bothered about getting wet and stained.  Living life also goes in the same way. If we started worrying about every frivolous issue, we can't feel the joy of living. 
You can't have control over the things around you, but you can control your inner world ,and improve your capabilities to handle them better. Once we learn to balance our body emotion and mind, it is easier to be joyful and peaceful in the journey of life, just like the "Art of Dancing". If we are proficient in balancing our body movements, posture, and expressions with the rhythm of music, it becomes the most enjoyable performance art, else it only turns into an act of exertion leaving you emaciated." So, Make Balance, Love dance, Live life. 

More About the Painting: "Nrityakala"

Image of a beautiful lady performing Indian cultural dance Bharatnatyam
Art of Dancing: "Nrityakala" | A Painting by Mohini M Bajpai

This painting of a dancing girl by Mohini M Bajpai is an elegant piece of fine art with beautiful vibrant acrylic colors on canvas. Painting gives a glimpse of the Indian cultural dance "Bharatnatyam"

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