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Easy Drawing Fruits and Veggies for Kids - Basic

     Easy Drawing Fruits and Veggies for Kids   Easy Draw Fruits and Vegetables: Use of Triangle, Circles, and Curved Lines In this article, you will learn some very basic level fruits and vegetables drawing ideas for your little ones. The drawing ideas included here are: Carrot Tomato Corn Brinjals Grapes Orange Pineapple Strawberry Apple Watermelon    Let's Get Started    Pre-requisites Knowledge of basic shapes, such as circles ⭕, lines(|, /,__), triangles🔻, etc.  Mode of Work  Paperwork. You can use pencils, sketch pens, and crayons, etc. Also, very easy to draw using MS Paint 3D using laptops/desktops/tablets, etc. (online mode). Material Required/Tools Pencils and colors of your choice (sketches, watercolor, crayons) you can also try it on Laptop/Desktop. Approach Follow the step provided with the depicted images.  Fill in the colors of your choice to give them a tinge.    1. Carrot   Step-wise easy drawings- carrot    2. Tomato   Step-wise easy drawings- tomato    3.

Nature Art Painting: Grass Field & the Butterflies

 Grass Field & the Butterflies

This is a beautiful nature art painting using peaceful colors on white canvas. Variety of flowers in the grass field and the butterflies make it even more enchanting, brighter and colorful. 

"Grass Field & the Butterflies" Painted by Mohini M Bajpai
All Rights Reserved©drizzlingcolorsart.com&Mohini M bajpai

Beautiful Nature Painting / Natural Scene Painting by Mohini M Bajpai

More About the Painting "Grass Field & the Butterflies":
Theme: #Nature
Media : Acrylic Paints
Base : White Canvas
Color & Tone : Multi-color, Blue, Green
Size: 10"X20"
Inspiration/Story Behind: "Just Nature Love"
Art_ID: MMB10008

"Grass Field & the Butterflies"

"Grass Field & the Butterflies"

 All Rights Reserved ©drizzlingcolorsart.com&Mohini M Bajpai


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