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Easy DIY Rangoli Design - Diwali Especial

πŸͺ” Easy Diwali Rangoli Design Ideas πŸͺ” Hello Friends, Before we go down to look for an easy Diwali Rangoli Design idea, many best wishes to you my friend. Drizzling Colors Art wishes you health, wealth, prosperity, and success in life. May you become a wiser, more spirited, and joyful human being. All of this is just beyond a step ahead of where you are right now. The only point is to take the next step in the right direction. May Lord Ganesha bless you with wisdom and courage to follow your path .  "Yes, I said path , not the goal because if the path is followed with passion and joy, the goal will definitely be accomplished one day."  These festivals are not only an opportunity to revive yourself internally but also an opportunity to become more creative and brush up on your hidden talents and hobbies.  Easy Rangoli Design from Nature-given and Kitchen Items Let's try something very beautiful, and easy rangoli design, which is natural, and you even don't need to

Peaceful Buddha Enlightenment Painting-The Eternal Peace


 Buddha - The Eternal Peace

A beautiful "Buddha" painting by Mohini M Bajpai. You can feel the ultimate tranquility and peace in this painting with Buddha's meditation pose under the Bodhi Tree. The "Bodhi Tree" is the tree under which Buddha is believed to have meditated and attained enlightenment!
This Buddha painting is made with beautiful shades of red, which gives it an even more captivating look.

"Buddha - The Eternal Peace" Painted by Mohini M Bajpai
All Rights Reserved©drizzlingcolorsart.com&Mohini M bajpai

Beautiful Buddha Painting / Buddha Enlightenment Painting by Mohini M Bajpai

More About the Buddha Painting "Buddha - The Eternal Peace":
Theme: Divine
Media : Acrylic Paints
Base : White Canvas
Color & Tone : Red, Bold, Dark
Inspiration: Buddha(a TV show)
Art_ID: MMB10002

"Buddha - The Eternal Peace" 

"Buddha - The Eternal Peace" 

 All Rights Reserved ©drizzlingcolorsart.com&Mohini M Bajpai


  1. Woww. I can feel the peace & tranquility in this painting.. Very happy that I have a beautiful Buddha painting made by you at my home ..

    1. Thank you Divya for showing your love and reminding me about my first Buddha's painting. Happy to know that it's still there in home . 😊

  2. Woww. I can feel the peace & tranquility in this painting.. Very happy that I have a beautiful Buddha painting made by you at my home ..

    1. Many thanks to you Divya. The glimpses from Buddha's life have always been my core of painting interest and my personal inspiration!

  3. Mohini proud of u.I think how r u doing such .I understand realy your inner soul upgrading u for this genius work.upperwala bless u .

    1. Thank you for such a beautiful comment and your lovely wishes ! 😊

  4. you have given the" life "to this painting...it seems very real and live.
    creativity at next level.
    keep going ..you're unstoppable!!!



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