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Role of A Beautiful Mind  What are the things that come first in our experience when we meet someone and start our first conversation! Definitely, their words or say their thoughts! If you seriously understand thoughts you might wonder what thoughts can create for us? So let's dig into the "Art of Becoming a Mindful Being" and know it from an artist's dogma. If you ever met a really captivating personality then it's somewhere directly related to the person's thought process! Our thoughts become our actions, and actions define us. Further, doing a specific kind of action repeatedly defines our nature and character. It directly implies that thoughts are making us and what we do makes our destiny. That's what is exactly called as "Law of attraction" also in some other fancy words. What we are today is a collection of our thoughts from the past and we can say that our today's thoughts are tomorrow's actions and our actions define what we are

Proud to be my daughter's first teacher of life: Her First Day at school

A Mom's Letter to her Daughter


Mom's proud letter to her daughter
My Dear, Vaani!
I really feel happy and blessed to have you in my life. But today is a bit special day for me, I think these moments come in every mother's life. It's the 5th of Aug 2019, it's is your first day of school, and I am very excited to know about your first-day experience.
Maybe when you'll grow up, and read this letter, you might never know many things about your awesome early childhood. Maybe, you'll come to know the stories about how naughty you were in your lullaby days, and how tough it was for me, to handle you for these 4 years and 8 months before you started going to school. But I will surely tell you that it was a quite fantastic time for me to nurture you being a mother and as the first teacher of your life. I fed you, cleaned you, played with you till the last moment I had energy in my body, and taught you the starting lessons of life. Everything was so infatuating to me.

You were always very quick to learn, anything you have been exposed to. You learned many things quickly, such as reading, writing, and speaking "Hindi" and "English" languages, mathematics basic calculations, and painting! But the best thing you learned.. is

"कोशिश करने से सब् हो जाता  है"
"Anything is possible if you keep trying for it!"

And you'll really be surprised to know that today, the 5th Aug 2019, is just a starting day of your school, but you can do many things even before you were 4 years.
You used to write your favorite activity of the day, daily in "Hindi"( हिन्दी ) such as:

आज मैने मम्मा  के साथ आलू टिक्की बनायी! (I made aaloo tikki with my mamma.)
आज मैने गाना गाया! (Today I sang a song.)
आज मैने पेन्टइग बनायी! (Today I painted a canvas.)
Before going to school, you were able to read and write counting, and basic calculations up to 1000s. and even more. You were knowing the "Number Place Value", and you can read the big numbers like 3561 or 7045. You can tell even and odd numbers too. You were able to read "Hindi Poetry" and "English Stories" books. Hope you remember these two of your favorite book. The"Pinkalicious" and the "All in One"💃😊.

Mom's proud letter to her daughter, books
Your First Book
Mom's proud letter to her daughter, books
You loved all of these
Mom's proud letter to her daughter, books
Your infatuation

I am not comparing you or trying to project you as a super kid, but yes I would love to tell you that you were such a gem of mine. And you made me feel the best of "mother being the first teacher of her child's life".

There are a few first-day of school incidents I wanna let you know. I am sure you'll have fun and it'll take you back to your childhood days. So, when you came back from school and I asked: "Did you trouble your teacher?"
you know what you told me...🤨❓
"मम्मा सारे बच्चे टीचर को इतना ज्यादा परेशान कर रहे थे, बस एक हम ही अच्छे निकले !"
(All the kids were annoying the teachers but it was ONLY me, who was really nice and gentle.)
I was like Huh🤔.. Seriously...🙀😲👀🤣 ... I mean Really???🤭(I know much better, the "monkey" inside you🐒)
Then you told me a long story and yes, one more bouncer was there...
I asked to have a little more fun..,
Me: "OK! then tell me ... who was the most troublesome kid ?"
You:  "It was George !... Oh my God, mamma ! he was pulling my hair and sometimes other kids' hair too and, sometimes he was trying to get walk on the wall, and sometimes jumping!!!"
Me: what did you do then?  you know what you replied...🤭 here are the exact words...

"मैने भी उसके थोडे बाल खीछे! लेकिन वैसे मैने ज्यादा कुछ नही किया... मै बस वहा बैठ के देख रही थी, कि ये सारे बच्चे लोग क्या ड्रामा कर रहे हैं! मेरा तो सिर दर्द करने लगा उनकी शरारत देख के !!"
(I also pulled some of his hair, but mamma, I didn't do much for sure. I was just sitting in the class and watching the children's drama. They all made my head go crazy🤪😖)

I again needed one minute to giggle and laugh! She was reacting as if she had to handle all the kids in the class!
First day of school | ready to go
first-day-happy to go to school
I was really engaged to have a girl like you. From your early childhood days only, you kept amusing me with your silly and full of noise and funny but wise activities. You used to tell, all A-Z alphabets with their phonic sound when you were just 14-15 months old. I still watch those videos and keep remembering that beautiful time, when you were so eager to tell me everything, even before I ask for it...😊. You made many beautiful drawings and paintings, and many times the "well card" (be happy again) for making sad people happy again. Especially, when mamma or daddy got annoyed with you!😘
You have given us a never-ending treasure of many beautiful memories to cherish. Here comes a few of your creative works and paintings.
Now let's come again to the first school day. It was my very normal question that, what did you learn new today on your first day of school? And your answer to this question is actually a meaningful phrase for all of us. You said:

"When you have a problem; don't cry and don't fight. Try to think of a solution".
"You have to become a problem solver."

Children's painting | tree and hut
Photo: Vaani's Artwork
children's abstract painting
Photo: Vaani's Artwork

Girl playing with building blocks
Photo: When you made a block tower bigger than yourself

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As usual, I was amazed to hear this from you! you really looked mature enough to walk down from my lap, and start your own journey of life.
But, I hope everybody reading this letter knows that, not only now but forever, you'll always be the "🍎apple of my eyes"!!
My little "🧡love of life" and my big "🎁treasure of happiness".

children's early age painting
Photo: Vaani's Artwork

You brought me nearer to life and made me realize its beauty and profoundness. My big world has shrunk into your innocent tiny little heart💟!

Keep growing, Keep strengthening yourself and Keep smiling !!
Go and Kiss the Word !!😘
With lots of love and blessings!👍👧
Your Mamma 👩‍👧💖


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All artwork and photographs used in this blog post are the author's personal property. All rights reserved. Copyright©www.drizzlingcolorsart.com&MohiniMBajpai 


  1. Great... Bless u Vani.. I can see mumma's traits in u.. Love u.. Go, grow, shine..

    1. Thank you dear friend for your valuable comment! 😘

  2. Vaani..... U are always Daddy's girl and Mammy's world !!
    And my Cutest princess!!
    God Bless u!

  3. All the best for your upcoming life vaanu ...we all r very lucky to have a doll like you... Love you a lot keep growing n always shine like your mom....

  4. It's really an amazing letter for ur daughter.when she will grew up and face any problem of life. This letters can give full strength n lights to her for lifetime.
    After reading every line of this letter . I can say ur daughter is really superb . God Bless U Vaani

  5. Beautifully written ��!

  6. So cute of Vaani. I can imagine her words with expression and how much you would have enjoyed listening to her. It is a treasure for her when she will be grown up.

    1. Thank you dear Amba !
      🤗 Lots of love to the other one of this kind growing with you 😘..

  7. When vaani read this...she always feels special

  8. Replies
    1. 😊 just from core of my heart and real life experiences. Nothing biased. 🌸


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