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Easy Drawing Fruits and Veggies for Kids - Basic

     Easy Drawing Fruits and Veggies for Kids   Easy Draw Fruits and Vegetables: Use of Triangle, Circles, and Curved Lines In this article, you will learn some very basic level fruits and vegetables drawing ideas for your little ones. The drawing ideas included here are: Carrot Tomato Corn Brinjals Grapes Orange Pineapple Strawberry Apple Watermelon    Let's Get Started    Pre-requisites Knowledge of basic shapes, such as circles ⭕, lines(|, /,__), triangles🔻, etc.  Mode of Work  Paperwork. You can use pencils, sketch pens, and crayons, etc. Also, very easy to draw using MS Paint 3D using laptops/desktops/tablets, etc. (online mode). Material Required/Tools Pencils and colors of your choice (sketches, watercolor, crayons) you can also try it on Laptop/Desktop. Approach Follow the step provided with the depicted images.  Fill in the colors of your choice to give them a tinge.    1. Carrot   Step-wise easy drawings- carrot    2. Tomato   Step-wise easy drawings- tomato    3.

Discover the Secret to a Joyful Life: Kabir's Timeless Wisdom on Staying Neutral

Secret of a Joyful Life: Staying Neutral

Kabir's wisdom of staying neutral

कबिरा खड़ा बजार में, मांगे सबकी खैर।
ना काहू से दोस्ती, ना काहू से बैर ।।

These lines by Sant Kabir (a well-known Indian mystic poet ) are trying to tell a secret about an easier and more joyful life.

It simply means stay Neutral. Whenever you hate or love someone or in extremes your mind gets disturbed. Then those feelings of attachment or hate start chasing you. You start losing your inner peace and tranquility. So, whenever you go to any of these extremes, you get stuck with an emotional mesh. Anyone who learns to live neutral in life under any circumstances will never get disturbed mentally. Their mind will never torture them. Or say no external things can make you down. You can train your mind to take out a neutral meaning of all situations or about the act of any person. Then you are going to enjoy a free mind. A mind that is not entangled with materialistic things.

You are required to train your mind with some positive affirmation and meditation regularly. Focus on your thought process and observe that you are not dragged completely by feelings. Actually, thoughts and feelings are two different things but joined together make the most powerful impact on our subconscious mind. As we know the power of the subconscious mind, these powerful emotions will impact significantly. But if we train our minds to understand that thoughts and feelings can be kept separate by being neutral towards our thoughts and accepting them without feeling. This is very important when we observe negative thoughts specially. 

Life vibrates at its fullest when you live neutral and learn the balance between those happy and sad-time emotional thunderstorms. When the mind is free from the roller-coaster of thoughts then, you feel the truth of life, the real joy. You find everything beautiful, peaceful, kind, and lovable.  

Neutral - The secret of a joyful life is mental equanimity, peace, and balance 

Buddha also taught us to stay in the middle of everything, which simply means do not go to extremes. Stay aligned to the center. The symbol of Buddhism is Dharnachakra, which actually is a chariot wheel, it has 8 pillars. The ancient wheels revolved around the axle. So anything put on the Axle doesn't get affected by the momentum of the wheel. Similarly, if we are also aligned in the middle of the axle of life, we'll not be affected by the momentum of the wheel of Karma, the cycle of good and bad times in our lives. ( Dhuri/Axle) portrays that anything lying in the middle of this wheel is not affected by the momentum. The farther we go away from the axle, the more we'll be impacted by the momentum of life. 

Dharmachakra-symbol of Dharma, equanimity and balance in life
Dharmachakra: Symbol of equilibrium

Practice the art of staying neutral in all kinds of life situations and feel the joy of being alive.

After all,

A Beautiful Mind Can Create A Beautiful Life!


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