What Life is Trying to Teach us?

 Accepting the Transience of Life: A Way to Real Happiness

Every stage and phase of life tries to teach us something. But have we reached that milestone from where we can see through it and understand the lessons?

Life may seem silent as it does not have a mouth to speak but, life never stops reminding us about its temporary nature. This insight has a force to drastically change us and frequently destroy our deep-rooted tendency to plan things carefully. Our lives go lighter and easier when we loosen and let go of the impulse to be in complete control of everything. We call this simple state "vairagya," or detachment.

Simplifying Vairagya

Vairagya exhorts us to let go of our attachments to material goals and aspirations of this mundane world. It's about interacting with life freely without letting expectations hold you down. By accepting and maintaining this distance, we can see life more clearly, and without the clouding effects of longing and fear.

The Way to Dharma

We arrive at "dharma," the path of truth and justice, by default when we become detached. Dharma instructs us on how to live in accordance with the universal laws that govern the universe. It entails being aware of our obligations and coordinating our activities to further the common good.  

Girl, connecting with nature and daytime

Experiencing Everlasting Truth

Dharma can help us to establish a connection with an eternal truth. This eternal truth is the only real source of happiness. The happiness, which comes from adherence and realization of this truth is eternal, whereas the joys in the mundane world are transient.

Acknowledging the transience of existence and accepting vairagya in up to some extent sets us on the path of dharma, unveiling the constant truth that is the foundation of genuine, everlasting joy. Living in accordance with these values gives our lives a greater sense of meaning and fulfillment.


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