You are what you observe !

 Your Observations V/S Your Personality

You might think that observation is an action when you look around and feel through your senses, but it's much more than looking through your eyes. "Art of Observation- What Observation is?"

illustration of a man thinking about observation
Your keen observation affect you consciously

If you notice, you can really feel that our thoughts play an important role in engineering our way of living and approach towards life. But have you ever wondered from where and how thoughts are coming? Well, we are not talking about the chemical reaction happening in our minds, but the focus is on the very creation of thought. (Here we are only focusing on the thought process after birth because it is also well known that a baby in the womb keeps generating thoughts and dreaming as well) 

Let's figure it out in a simple way and think about something that you have never seen, listened to, smelled, touched, or even tasted. Is it possible to experience something outside your five senses? I think no until you have got some power of 6th sense or you have elevated your mechanism through some yogic practices. So in a way, we can say that any thought that comes to our minds, is revolving around our 5 physical senses. Out of these 5 senses, sight and hearing are very important in terms of your personality.  

So we can understand that whatever we feel through our physical senses is going to make our thoughts. In continuation, whatever we perceive regularly through our senses is going to make our thinking patterns. Now let's go one more level of drilling down, and touch the observation. Observation is a keen-looking and conscious action, and because of consciousness, it goes deep down in our minds.  Later at some point in time, one seed of this conscious action is going to generate thousands of thoughts. These thoughts are going to affect our whole system internally as well as from outside! 

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So we can conclude that our observation is helping to consciously generate thousands of thoughts. And these thoughts are slowly coming out in terms of our actions. Actions, in a repetitive manner, become our behavior, and finally, we are known for our everyday behavior, which is so-called is our personality. 

relation amongst you and your observation

Your Observation is slowly going to impact you at some point in time

One more thing is very important that is it's not only you who is responsible for your observations, it's also your company, and your so-called closed ones. It's been seen that people who are in the company of others for a long time change according to that person. The people with whom you talk daily and those who are your very close friends are also big influencers and a reason for the quality of your observations. It might go in both ways either positive effects or negative, depending upon the dominance of a person's mindset. 

What is the type of your Observation is a very important thing to notice. In the case of the same situation, different people will observe different things. Few will always go to choose positive and others only negative.

So it's very important to mind your company while sharing your time with others. Also, you should observe what you are getting in returns(in terms of quality of thoughts). Become a sagacious observer and learn the art of observation.



  1. this is something which is very useful and practical ...anyone can relate with it very easily ....beautiful presentation and flow diagrams make things more easy to grasp the core message ....#what u think u become .๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™‡


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